The Practice of Ronald G. Guertin Barrister at Law in Ottawa

Due to my specialization in criminal law, I restrict my practice entirely to the defence of people under investigation, charged formally or soon to be charged with a criminal offence. Since being called to the Bar of Ontario on April 12th, 1976, nearly every day I have defended the rights of my clients in Ottawa and throughout the eastern region and the Ottawa Valley.

Regions Served

If you wish to retain my services, I am able to appear anywhere in Ontario. I defend people in Toronto, Oshawa, Belleville, Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston.

If you have been charged in the Province of Quebec, I can represent you in what is known as an “occasional call.” Currently, I represent individuals in the Province of Quebec, and I have been successful at achieving beneficial outcomes. I represent clients at all levels of Court and my practice embraces many levels of Court, including:

  • Appellate Work
  • Supreme Court of Canada
  • Court of Appeal (Ontario)
  • Summary Conviction Appeals (Superior Court of Ontario)
  • Provincial Offences Court (Traffic & Provincial Law Violations)

I devote most of my time defending persons charged with offences contrary to the Criminal Code and the Controlled Drug and Substances Act. Youths who are charged with offences are proceeded against pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

I will accept your case on legal aid if the circumstances permit. My fees are not generally charged on an hourly basis unless you prefer it. After we have our initial conversation and I have had an opportunity to assess the police file, I will have an idea of how complicated your case may become and my fee will be based on my expectation of the amount of work which your matter will require.

The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make

When you choose someone to represent you, it may be the most important decision that you ever make. An experienced counsel knows the proper way to proceed. The sooner you retain me for your case, the better the results I can achieve for you. During the criminal investigation, I can have a very large impact on the way things are played out. I will operate as a shield between you and the police. I will do whatever is necessary to limit any communication between you and the police. I may be able to prevent the laying of charges. When the police are lurking, I will get into action immediately.

After an Arrest

Being arrested is a traumatic experience for anyone. You will find yourself locked in a cell, unable to speak to anyone. You will be taken to a telephone and pointed to a list on the wall. Not a great situation in which to find yourself when making a decision on whom to call. Call me; you must have the most qualified person assisting you at the outset. The police will make you feel alone and helpless. They will tell you that the best thing you can do is tell them what they want to hear. Sometimes, they will tell people that the advice they are getting is bad advice. I will tell you how to deal with the police. The officer will know who I am and he or she may be more forthcoming in dealing with me.

Police Experience

Over the past 40 years I have dealt with all of the senior investigators. I have seen the young officers become investigators. They know me as a straight shooter. I may be able to persuade them to release you. I answer my phone 24 hours a day.

As you can imagine, the determination of whether an accused is released on bail can have far reaching consequences for the success of the defence. A person may languish in a jail for months, even years, awaiting trial. When you are in custody, you lose all your leverage. People in custody may plead guilty just to get it over with. It is crucial to have the most highly skilled criminal defence lawyer controlling the process. I restrict my practice to criminal defence work for a reason. I am devoted to my role in the criminal process. I can deliver the best defence for you. I have the experience and the skill to be successful. A criminal record can be devastating to your future. Give yourself a chance. Give me a call.

When my clients hire me, I tell them that I want them to do their best to attempt to forget they are in trouble. People deal with stress more efficiently if they have confidence that they are being well taken care of. When I work for you, your problem becomes my problem. Make your problem my problem. Please, call my office today.

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